I've backed Matchstick

I have backed Matchstick, the HDMI stick based on Firefox OS. It is the first crowdfunding project I participate. And I hope it won’t be the last one.

There are a few reasons why I have chosen to do so.

The first reason is the open-source part of that project. An open-source software combined with open-source hardware, that is everything I like. Good philosophy is always a good point.

Next that project is exciting. An easy to use HDMI stick for my TV is something really cool. I do not have a “smart” TV but still my TV has some HDMI input and USB plugs (to power the stick).

Third part: it is cheap. It worth its 18 USD. I don’t even look at opponents price there, because no opponent is as open-source as this. I even find that the announced market price (25 USD) is acceptable.

Also I am really happy to see an new device that IS NOT run by Android. Android is too mainstream I think, and even if it is open-source, the Google-way of managing it is not something I like.

Relatedly to the previous point, it is important that the project is not made by Mozilla. Open-Source and standards that are really good are forked and used by third-parties companies. That is kind of a quality proof.

Now we will see what we will get at the end, if the promises will be fulfilled and how will the stick behave in real conditions. I also hope that a lot of the apps ecosystem will also be open-source. I am waiting February to see what’s going on and to put some more feedback there.

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First published on Sat 4 October 2014.