Augeas resource for mgmt

Last week, I joined the mgmt hackathon, just after Config Management Camp Ghent. It helped me understanding how mgmt actually works and that helped me to introduce two improvements in the codebase: prometheus support, and an augeas resource.

I will blog later about the prometheus support, today I will focus about the Augeas resource.

Defining a resource

Currently, mgmt does not have a DSL, it only uses plain yaml.

Here is how you define an Augeas resource:

graph: mygraph
  - name: sshd_config
    lens: Sshd.lns
    file: "/etc/ssh/sshd_config"
      - path: X11Forwarding
        value: no

As you can see, the augeas resource takes several parameters:

  • lens: the lens file to load
  • file: the path to the file that we want to change
  • sets: the paths/values that we want to change

Setting file will create a Watcher, which means that each time you change that file, mgmt will check if it is still aligned with what you want.


The code can be found there:

We are using go bindings for Augeas: Unfortunately, those bindings only support a recent version of Augeas. It was needed to vendor it to make it build on travis.

Future plans

Future plans regarding this resource is to add some parameters, probably a parameter to use as Puppet “onlyif” parameter, and a “rm” parameter.

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First published on Tue 14 February 2017.