Custom Sudo command with Ansible

While introducing Ansible at customer, I noticed the following problem while using ansible become feature:

sudo: unable to create /var/log/sudo-io/170718-124212: File exists
sudo: error initializing I/O plugin sudoers_io

That was because in the sudoers configuration, you have:

Defaults syslog=auth,log_input,log_output,iolog_file=%y%m%d-%H%M%S

Which means that sudo sessions will be logged, but there can only be one sudo session per second. While discussing with colleagues what would be the best way to address this – several options are possible: not logging, logging with seq (Defaults:ansible iolog_file=ansible/%{seq}), logging microseconds, … – I have implemented a workaround.

What is interesting is that it uses an undocumented feature: become_exe.

I dropped a file in the ansible repo with the following content:

become_exe = /bin/sleep 1 && /bin/sudo

And, magically, ansible now waits one second between sudo commands. Enough to let me continue working while looking for the best resolution.

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First published on Thu 20 July 2017.